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Avoid an Awkward Cake Cutting


Most people wouldn’t think that instructions are needed for cutting the wedding cake, until it’s actually time for them to get up and cut the wedding cake.  


In front of a crowd of glaring eyes and iPhones waiting to take the perfect pic, it can get a little nerve wracking if you don’t have the 411 on cake cutting.


Of course some couples DO know how to cut the cake and pose perfectly for those beautiful shots, but there will come the time when a couple gets up to cut the cake and just stands there awkwardly not knowing what to do.


They may fumble around slicing into the cake or hack a little section out of it, but if you prepare your Bride & Groom for the cake cutting, they will FEEL AT EASE and make for a PERFECT cake cutting moment.



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Avoid this Awkward Ceremony Moment…


As a Planner we want everything to look seamless to the guests even when things may not be going as planned behind the scenes.

One of the first impressions that guests have on the wedding day is the Ceremony…they are taking in the surroundings, looking at the beautiful flowers & decor, the Ceremony altar, and waiting excitedly for the Ceremony to begin.

The last thing that you want to do as a Planner is to ruin this FIRST PERFECT IMPRESSION by having to awkwardly make your way to the front of the Ceremony and start re-arranging chairs because you’ve discovered that guests have sat in seats that are needed for VIPs.

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Is your Bride & Groom Really Laissez-Faire OR are they Just not That Into you?


There are different types of clients when it comes to Wedding Planning, one of which is LAISSEZ-FAIRE which means that they are very laid back.

They are not stressed about the wedding and take a very relaxed and carefree approach when getting back to you and making decisions. They typically don’t understand the magnitude or importance of making certain decisions and the time parameters involved.

But there is a FINE LINE here. It’s very easy to mistake a Laissez-Faire client with one who is actually NOT VERY HAPPY with the way the planning is going. They have disengaged themselves from the experience.

They are similar to a Laissez-Faire client in that they don’t reply to you in a timely manner, they are difficult to get answers out of and basically you feel like you are constantly “pulling” at them.

If you allow the planning to go on and don’t find out if you are dealing with an unhappy client vs. a Laissez-Faire one, you are going to find an increasingly difficult situation on your hands.

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The Ceremony Officiant Didn’t Show Up!

What happens when the Officiant doesn’t show up for the Ceremony? Yikes!

Has this ever happened to you?

This just recently happened to one of our Coordinators.  She was working with a couple providing Wedding Day Management services and like always she sent out the timeline to the vendors the week before the wedding and confirmed receipt with all of them.

When the day came, everything was running smoothly up until the officiant was supposed to arrive.  Typically they arrive 15-30 minutes before the ceremony is supposed to start as they are usually packing in ceremonies back to back.

As the minutes started to tick by she called the officiant to inquire as to his arrival time but she couldn’t get through to him.  She called again and again with NO ANSWER.

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Another Red Faced Moment…YIKES!


We’ve had some embarrassing moments over the years but we always learn something valuable that makes us stronger as Wedding Planners.

What happens when your client tries to cut into a Fake Cake? Find out!

This is one of our #redfacedmoments. Enjoy!



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