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Pinning on Bouts can be a Little Tricky…

But don’t get flustered.  Here’s how to get through it.

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Pinning on bouts (boutonnieres) can sometimes be a little tricky…even if it’s the 500th bout (or corsage) that you’ve pinned.

If you don’t get proper pins from the florist or if the head of the flower is really big in comparison to the rest, or its just not a well made bout, it can take a little while to attach it to the lapel or dress properly.

But don’t get flustered if it’s taking a little longer than you want. Make small talk with the person that you are pinning it on. They have no idea how long it’s actually supposed to take and are just happy and feeling special cause they are getting a VIP flower pinned on them (and of course they are attending a very important day).

Tell the Groomsmen you really love the color of his tie or that his pocket square is really unique. If it’s the Groom, ask him how he started his morning. If it’s the Mother of the Bride or Groom, tell them they must be feeling so proud and excited today.

While you’re making small talk you can fiddle with the bout or corsage and make sure it’s on just right.

And don’t worry if you have to take it off and re-do it. Just be honest and tell them that you want to get it just right so that it looks perfect in pictures. Happy Pinning!

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