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Is your Bride & Groom Really Laissez-Faire or are they Just not That Into you?


There are different types of clients when it comes to Wedding Planning, one of which is LAISSEZ-FAIRE which means that they are very laid back.

They are not stressed about the wedding and take a very relaxed and carefree approach when getting back to you and making decisions. They typically don’t understand the magnitude or importance of making certain decisions and the time parameters involved.

But there is a FINE LINE here. It’s very easy to mistake a Laissez-Faire client with one who is actually NOT VERY HAPPY with the way the planning is going. They have disengaged themselves from the experience.

They are similar to a Laissez-Faire client in that they don’t reply to you in a timely manner, they are difficult to get answers out of and basically you feel like you are constantly “pulling” at them.

If you allow the planning to go on and don’t find out if you are dealing with an unhappy client vs. a Laissez-Faire one, you are going to find an increasingly difficult situation on your hands.

If you’re unsure and think you might be straddling this fine line, the best thing to do is to pick up the phone or have an in person or Skype meeting with your client. This will allow you to read your client’s body language or to hear their tone of voice and see if there might be a problem brewing. It will also allow you to connect with them as sometimes that’s all that’s needed.

During your chat with them if you’re not able to pick up on any body language or tone, you can outright ask them. “Is there anything I can do to make the planning process better for you?”

You may find that they need something more from you…and better to find out early in the planning process where you can still turn things around.

As Planners we need to adapt the plan

ning process to our clients, whether that be lots of email communication or maybe more in person meetings or phone calls, giving them weekly to do lists and check-ins, etc.

You need to find out HOW they best respond and make that work so that no matter what type of client they are, they are enjoying the experience.

This is actually one of our Fundamentals because it’s SO important. CHECKING IN with the couple (early in the planning) to see if they are enjoying the process and if there is anything that we need to change in order to make it more enjoyable. Everyone works differently so this check-in an integral part of the planning process.


How do you make sure that your clients are enjoying the planning process?


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– Sarah & Genève


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