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Avoid an Awkward Cake Cutting


Most people wouldn’t think that instructions are needed for cutting the wedding cake, until it’s actually time for them to get up and cut the wedding cake.  


In front of a crowd of glaring eyes and iPhones waiting to take the perfect pic, it can get a little nerve wracking if you don’t have the 411 on cake cutting.


Of course some couples DO know how to cut the cake and pose perfectly for those beautiful shots, but there will come the time when a couple gets up to cut the cake and just stands there awkwardly not knowing what to do.


They may fumble around slicing into the cake or hack a little section out of it, but if you prepare your Bride & Groom for the cake cutting, they will FEEL AT EASE and make for a PERFECT cake cutting moment.



Five minutes before the cake cutting give your couple a heads up that it’s almost time. Break down the steps of what they are going to do into a FEW, SIMPLE instructions. If you give them the run down right before they go up there’s less chance of them forgetting amongst all of the excitement.


To start things off the Bride picks up the knife to cut the cake and the Groom gently places his hand over hers. He then GUIDES her hand down as she makes two cuts into the BOTTOM tier of the cake (not the top as some think is custom). Then together they can carefully remove the slice of cake onto the plate.


If you haven’t already this is a good time to ask if they plan to feed each other. If yes, the Groom is the first to feed his Bride, then she can feed him. If they DON’T want to feed each other, that’s perfectly fine. They can pose for photos for the crowd and photographer.


Remind the Bride & Groom to take their time and enjoy the moment. In general, this is a good thing to remind your Bride and Groom of during the day. It all goes by so fast.



**As the Bride & Groom are cutting their cake, stand nearby where they can look at you for a reassuring smile or extra guidance if needed.


**Make sure that there is a cake knife, cake plate, two forks, and a napkin on the cake table BEFORE the Bride and Groom go up to cut the cake.  Sometimes they will also have two glasses of champagne for a toast.   Make this one of your standard checks during setup.


**When you’re placing the cake table during setup think about the backdrop it’s in front of. You want something that will look great in those cake cutting shots, NOT an Emergency exit sign!


– Sarah & Geneve


P.S. Make sure you check out our #redfacedmoment (embarrassing moment) all about the cake cutting.  You can watch the video here.  We can laugh about it now…and we’re sure you’ll get a laugh too.  Enjoy!


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