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Don’t have a limp bouquet

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Hydrangeas are notorious for going limp pretty quickly if they are not in water. If your Bride wants a bouquet of hydrangeas, especially in the summer, you want to have a BOUQUET GAME PLAN.


There are a couple options to ensure that your Bride has a bouquet that will last the entire day. Ask the florist to fully wrap the handle of the bouquet so that it can store water and keep hydrated. If your Bride doesn’t like this look, you might just need to pay some extra attention to the bouquet and make sure that whenever it’s not needed (i.e. for photos) it goes back into water.


Another option is to get a second bouquet (one for the ceremony and a second for the reception) if it’s going to be a super long day or you know it’s going to be a scorcher. It’s always best to be prepared. The last thing you want is to have your Bride coming up to you with a limp mess before she even gets to the reception.

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“This program is different from others”

What can I say about my experience at the DreamGroup Academy? WOW!

DreamGroup Academy Alumni on the Industry Field Trip

DreamGroup Academy Alumni on the Industry Field Trip

“Taking this course was absolutely the best decision I could have ever made going into the event industry. I initially took the course thinking it would help me to get my foot in the door, but instead I got my foot, leg, and every other body part through the door. While taking the course, and with the help of instructors Genève McNally and Kelsey Mackay-Smith, I was able to get two jobs within the wedding and event community. Upon graduation I started my own company feeling totally confident having been given all the tools I needed to be successful.

This program is different from others in that it is taught in a very hands on, experiential way. You get all the information you REALLY need to be an event planner, not the theoretical stuff. You are taught using real life examples and you also make many meaningful connections in the wedding vendor community. We were also presented with multiple volunteer opportunities which look great on a resume! Most importantly, the small class size meant that we all got one on one opportunities with the instructors and guest vendors, and the class setting was very comfortable and non-judgmental. I came out of it with friends who I hope to have for a lifetime and connections that I know I can always refer to if I need advice.

I’m so grateful for all the valuable instruction and advice that I received from instructors, and for all the time and effort they put into making this program as amazing as it is. You can tell they love what they do and their passion is infectious! You are truly learning from the best of the best! Thank you DreamGroup!”


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“Let’s get these parties started!!”

DreamGroup Academy Alumni after their final Class & Field Trip

DreamGroup Academy Alumni after their final Class & Field Trip

“12 weeks ago I walked into the Vancouver Club for the first time, a ball of nerves, for my first Wedding Planning class with DreamGroup Academy.

Today I walked out of the club with immense knowledge about Vancouver’s wedding industry, connections with current and future planners and vendors, a fancy certificate of completion, and an amazing new friend.

The past three months have been an incredible start to my career and from wedding day assisting to planning weddings independently, tonight was a big cheers to the future.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible, to my friends and family for supporting me, to DreamGroup and Geneve for the amazing course, and to Lauren (in advance) for being my ally in this industry. Let’s get these parties started!! ????????????”

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