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Academy Testimonials

“Taking the Wedding Planning 101 course through The DreamGroup Academy was by far the best career choice I could have made in venturing into the Wedding Industry.”


“This program is different from others”

What can I say about my experience at the DreamGroup Academy? WOW! “Taking this course was absolutely the bestView full post »

“Let’s get these parties started!!”

“12 weeks ago I walked into the Vancouver Club for the first time, a ball of nerves, for my first Wedding PlanningView full post »

I strongly recommend anyone interested in the wedding industry to consider DreamGroup Academy Wedding Planning 101 course. Whether you have experience in events, are thinking about going into the industry in any capacity such as planning weddings, catering, floral design, etc. this is a perfect introduction and/or supplement to your already built skill set.

Having prior experience with event management, I went into the course hoping to answer a lot questions. Both Geneve McNally and Sarah Shore exceeded my expectations and answered each and every question sharing their professional experience, expertise, and knowledge.

Their enthusiasm, contagious passion for the industry and encouragement along the way was truly inspirational and gave me the confidence to successfully launch an events company on my own. The customized information, templates, guest speakers, ‘how to conduct a winning a consultation’, and field trip made the class well worth it! I even landed my first client within a month of completing the course!

The 12-week course went by so quickly, but lasting friendships have grown since. The class has become friends and we’re all supporting and encouraging one another as we pursue our future endeavors within the industry.

I can’t recommend this course enough not only for the information that you’re learn, but it’s taught by an exceptionally well-respected leading events company in Vancouver. You won’t regret your decision, I promise.

Thank you again for everything,


Hi Geneve,


Thank you for your inspiration, your guidance, your encouragement, your energy, your connections, your stories, this program that you so carefully planned out, and the list could just go on and on!

My whole life, I was going in a different directions than all of my friends (which is why I decided to move to BC to try and discover who I was and what I wanted to become) When I got into Event Planning, I didnt know if it really was a huge thing or what to do with it or how to even get started, but as you would put it, I “faked it till I made it”… or am still on my way to making it. I finally found my passion and what I was good at and what I wanted to do with my life that I would enjoy and not a job that I would just coast through day by day.

The only thing was, my education background was in Hospitality and not really specialized in Events, so I just made up things and had no real inspiration as to what to do or how to go about it. I didnt know how to get to where you are today, or even close to. That is where you came in. I had been searching for something to help me find a way to learn more and get myself going and out there, and when the class at VCC was canceled (thank god or I wouldnt have found you) I searched for something else and there you were! I remember my phone call to you because I wasnt sure if the program would be worth the small amount of money I had and you actually took maybe an hour of your time to talk to me and tell me all about it and assure me that this is what I was exactly looking for! (now that I know you, its no surprise that you talked for that long! haha) But you were right and it was exactly what I was looking for as a next step to lead me on my path to my career and my dream goals.

You not only reaffirmed me of what I have been doing in my job and made it seem like the most important thing in the world (because as you have mentioned plenty of times, some people dont see the point of planners) but you also taught me SO many things that I will not be able to learn in a regular classroom.

To see the passion and love you have for what you do is very refreshing and is a motivator in itself! Even your horror stories were tales you were able to turn around and laugh at now and things that you were able to show us made you stronger and more able to become more successful as a company. This was very comforting and motivating. 

One of my favourite parts about the class were the vendors that came in. I think that was one of the most important parts. First of all, meeting vendors around the city is so beneficial so us just starting out, and actually hearing from other businesses is essential for us truly understanding the business. Unfortunately for me, I wont be able to use them now, since I am moving home, but its great for the other girls!

I do not think there are any negatives I really have about the course. It would have been nice to venture out more around the city, but I understand there just simply wasnt enough time!

I think you are doing a phenomenal thing here and once again thank you. I have learned a LOT from you. You were a remarkable teacher, a great companion, good listener, someone who gave exceptional advice, and VERY HILARIOUS!

Please feel free to use my testimonial below, tweak it how you see fit and I hope we cross paths in the future!

“My whole life, I was never into the academics. When I discovered my passion for event and wedding planning, I knew I needed some guidance to lead me on the right path. DreamGroup Academy was an inspiration! Geneve led the class with an amazing energy, shared wonderful, motivational stories based on her past experiences, was extremely encouraging and introduced the class to many wonderful vendors and businesses owners around the city. If someone else shares a love for this industry, than Wedding Planning 101 taught by Geneve McNally is definitely a step in the right direction! Thanks Geneve!”

All the best Geneve!


Hi Geneve!

Thanks so much for the wealth of information you stuffed into our brains these last twelve weeks. All your knowledge and stories of experiences were very eye opening and though it seems a little daunting with so many things I never considered, I am very excited to begin dipping my toes into this wonderful industry in some way or another. I will treasure your darkest secrets you unveiled and use them as precious life saving stepping stones along the way.

Perhaps we will cross paths again someday! Have such an amazing holiday time and thanks so much again 🙂



Dear Geneve & Sarah,

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the DreamGroup Academy class.

I am so glad that I signed up for the course!   Every class I felt like no

question was off limits.  You generously shared so many important tidbits to being a great wedding planner. The practical tools you have taught us, supported by really great examples and learning lessons, will be forever invaluable to me and my business partner as we expand our services to include wedding planning.

Wishing you an amazing holiday season and continued success in your business!  As we Jews say, may you go from strength to strength 🙂

I am hopeful that our paths will cross again.

Yours truly,



I feel very honored & humbled to have been taught by Geneve.  She put everything into perspective with how to be an organized Wedding Planner.  She would tell current stories & past experiences that would connect me, as a student, to relate to what she’s talking about & I absolutely love that about her teaching.  

She gave us a binder & each week we would fill up our ‘wedding bible’ with the most useful tips & notes on important things such as how to make a budget, how to get started, consultations, different industries in the business & more.

Some classes we would have a treat where a guest speaker would come in to teach us their line of work in the industry & answer any questions.  So helpful!  

At the end of the course we were blessed to have the opportunity to travel as a group around Vancouver to all of the well known venders & meet them first hand.  I am so grateful for Geneve & Sarah for offering this amazing program.   I couldn’t imagine not taking this Wedding Course before jumping into this industry.  What an amazing opportunity & I can’t wait to use their tools to start off my own career!

Michelle Taneda



I am loving the classes and you’re teaching style is so great!  You are such a smart woman and I’m honoured to be learning from you!  Thank you for passing along all of your knowledge and I can’t wait to learn more!!


Hi Geneve,

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity you communicated with us about volunteering at the BCWA’s. It was so overwhelming, in a positive way, seeing the industry right in front of my eyes! All these people I’ve come to know through class and my research were right in front of me. It was hard not to get star struck. The overwhelming realization came and  it almost knocked me over, that I am learning from the best of the industry!

Just wanted to share my ‘Aha’ moment with you. And thanks again.

Best Regards,

Genessa Knight


Thank you for the pleasure of attending your course. I found it to be very inspiring, relative and  informative! I especially appreciated the many insights and personal examples of “what to do”, and of  of “what to consider” that you gained through your personal examples in wedding and event planning! I think your course is rich in valuable details, insights and resource material.

It is a very satisfying learning experience  when a course is taught by someone who has your amount of experience involving such a diverse array of weddings that you have planned  in such a variety of venues. I also found the course to be a very helpful guide in how to  develop successful and lasting relationships with affiliate quality businesses involved in the wedding industry such as: photographers, hair and make-up artists, cake specialists, florists, limo rentals, wedding supply specialists, venue contacts etc.

Your classes on creating and working within time lines, budget, and contracts were very much appreciated. Probably the most important message you gave us was how to work professionally and authentically with brides and grooms to help them identify and create “their dream wedding” within their budget. I like the message your company teaches for us to all strive to create signature weddings that are special to our couples, rather than creating the same wedding over and over for clients. I would easily recommend this course to anyone thinking about becoming a wedding planner regardless of the city they plan to hang their shingle in.  It was relaxing, inspiring and fun!,

Thanks again,

Corinne Dalen



Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed the class and field trip.  Thank you for sharing your expertise and experiences with us – very insightful! The course outline covered all aspects of wedding planning and your detailed notes are greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed each class and hearing all your stories – invaluable and entertaining!

Upon finishing the course I feel even more strongly that this is the right career path for me. I am really excited to become a wedding planner – something I didn’t think of as a “job”!

Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be in touch with a question or two!



Hi Geneve,

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the world of wedding planning!!!  Initially when I enrolled into the course I was slightly unsure of my motives and intentions within the industry.  However after going through the courses and seeing the success that you and Sarah have created I am certain that this is the industry that I want to be in.

Melissa Chong



Thank you for making the wedding planning course such a wonderful experience!  I especially enjoyed meeting with all the vendors last week, and learning more about weddings from a vendor’s perspective.

I greatly appreciate all the advice and knowledge you’ve shared over the past few months, and in the future I’d definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in a career as a planner.  With the two of you teaching the course, they’ll be sure to be learning from the best!

Thanks again


Dear Sarah and Geneve,

Now that the class is officially finished, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the last 12 weeks.     
I had first entered DreamGroup’s Wedding 101 Class quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect.  I guess I wondered why a successful wedding planning company would willingly and openly discuss and teach a class of eager to-be planners.  I really wondered if I would get anything out of the class at all. 

As the weeks progressed, I come to see why DreamGroup Productions has grown in leaps and bounds over the past years.  You both truly have a passion for what you do.  Geneve, besides the astounding way you can talk wedding for three hours straight, I especially enjoyed the way you just had to get up to animate your stories, you really paint the picture and make the class fun.  Sarah, you really helped make the “home wedding” less of a daunting task and your memory of names and dates is something else.  Most of all, I was impressed that you both didn’t just say that building relationships with clients and vendors was important, you actually proved it.  The close relationships you share with each one of the vendors we visited on the field trip was inspiring to see.  They loved you guys! 

After taking this class, I am now, more than ever, confident that this is the profession for me.  Your class inspired and informed and really helped me understand what wedding planning is all about. 

Thanks for everything!  Best of luck with all your upcoming weddings!   

Krystal Souza